FIRE BARRIER MORTAR T ( 3M )

                                NET 44 Lbs ( 20 kg )


               Typical Applications : Firestops mechanical and electrical  

         penetrations,   blank openings and other large annular spaces





Economic lightweight cement-based and endothermic firestop that is ready for mixing with potable water. Firestops penetration passing through fire-rated floor or wall assemblies

                : Up to 3 hour fire ratings per BS476 Part 20

            : Variable mix ratio permits for floor  and wall openings                            application

                : Excellent adhesion - bonds to concrete, metals, wood, plastic                and cable jacketing

            : Re -enterable / repairable with common trade tools

                  : Acts as a heat sink, reducing the likelihood of combustible                    matter igniting on the unexposed side of the assembly

            : Dry mix available in 20 kg bags